Where To Go When You Need It and Other Things to Remember


As it often happens, I need inspiration at work.  It isn’t for artistic purposes or even for projects that I’m working on, but to just get me through the day in this very strict, corporate, 9-5 world that doesn’t allow my brain to flex its strengths all too often.

My counselor suggested a small idea:  an inspiration folder.  Kudos from co-workers for a job well done, or a funny photo that took me out of a potential rage cave,or even sending off an alert that I had finished a project.  Because I could do all this before, I could do it again, and a reminder that I could contribute.

It worked so well–the initial creation of the folder created a chain of events that improved my day in an instant–I thought I’d do the same thing at home, where I sit down in front of a blank white screen and a blank white canvas.  I do these things so readily now because I’ve been so hard on myself throughout my life and it isn’t necessary anymore.  Anything that makes me feel good is a step forward.


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