Nuggets For My Version of Liquid Gold

Soaking sunflower seeds, which will be transformed into a cheese sauce for dinner tonight, this is when vegan/plant-based eating becomes fun and like my very own science experiment in the kitchen.

sunflower soak


How I Should Start Every Weekend

How I Should Start Every Weekend

This was a simple spinach, ginger, coconut milk, banana, agave syrup and freshly juiced grapefruit smoothie that tasted so divine I don’t know how I couldn’t have it every day…

How to Manage Monday

april tulips


Mondays have been especially difficult to get through lately, at work, so I’ll use this photo, taken during a cheery and sunny afternoon trip to a local Metropark, to remind me what to live for and never ever avoid.

Jane says, “Hi.”

I loved the texture of this, as well as the unique personality each gravestone had at this historical landmark, Indian Run Cemetary. I could have spent hours here photographing the light and the way the wind lifted everything around it, but mostly the story of each marker…